Digital Skills: A pathway to a successful career

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Anyone wanting to forge a career in an industry that’s going from strength to strength, namely digital marketing, would do well to have several skills under their belt or even specialise in a single one. It could involve achieving in-depth knowledge of social media networking, concentrating on more technical expertise and getting to grips with digital marketing. It all helps when it comes to being seen as a true digital professional. In short, there’s an array of skills to choose Whether it’s for a chosen career as a freelance digital designer or other.


Getting a range of digital skill under your belt



Being proficient in a variety of digital skills is one route forward, more especially if they are ones that not everyone boasts having. It helps when it comes to standing out in what has become a crowded market place, bearing in mind that a lot of small businesses and more especially startups, don’t have large budgets. It stands to reason that they are more likely to employ the services of someone who has several digital skills rather than someone who specialises in just the one.


Honing a particular digital skill



Honing a particular digital skill goes a long way when it comes to impressing potential clients and employers. It helps establish a name as a digital professional even at grass root levels. With this said, it’s not enough to develop a chosen skillset without networking with others in the business and the more connections, the better. It’s quickly done through social media platforms whether LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to name but three of the most popular. Creating a unique Facebook page as a freelance digital designer is a superb way of creating a brand that gets noticed by your connections.


What about coding, HTML and CSS skills?



You don’t have to be an expert developer to forge a career as a freelance digital designer. Still, basic knowledge of HTML and coding can add more dimensions to a portfolio which will serve to impress prospective clients. It also facilitates working with expert web developers, adding yet another feather to a digital cap. Learning these necessary skills has never been easier through sites like Treehouse or Codecademy, all of which are free to use online. For those who want to go a step further, the choice is there too.


Creating a brand for yourself that sells



Creating a brand that gets you noticed would only be seen as impressive to people in a network as well as to future clients. If you can do it for yourself, you can do it for others, and anything that stands out from the crowd gets an audience’s attention. Choosing a career as a freelance digital designer, for example, means setting up a platform that encourages people to come back for more whether it’s in art or design.

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